What I made today

Sundays are perfect for lazy cooking filled with family time and good vino. Today was another sunny winter’s day primed for a potjie and smoked pork belly.

Chicken curry


The warmth of a curry made with patience and care heats up any winter day. Today’s recipe is a tweaked version of Jan Braai’s chicken curry recipe, which can be found in his revised Fireworks guidebook for all things braai. Although I promised not to tweak the recipe I couldn’t resist. Added sweet potato, peas and a bit of cornstarch just to thicken it at the end. Cooked it gently for 90 minutes ensuring the sweet potato & chicken doesn’t cook away, but almost forgot to add the carrots. It had more heat than anticipated, tried a new curry mix which had more chillies than I expected. Overall not a bad effort.

Smoked pork belly

A pork belly lends itself perfectly to being smoked and with time on my hands, it really was the only option. Today’s version included a decent dry rub and new injection recipe. It included apricot & chimichurri chutney mixed with apple nectar juice and peach & apricot concentrate to intensify the flavour profile. Hickory smoked it in the Weber for two hours with intermittent sprays of apple nectar juice and peach & apricot concentrate to keep it hydrated. Turned out to be the best & moist belly I’ve done so far.